The Phillies have placed Cliff Lee on the 60-day disabled list with a left forearm strain. This is the same injury that disabled Cliff twice in 2014. Lee has now attempted to twice rehabilitate this injury without having surgery. While surgery has now been recommended, it would effectively put an end to his 2015 season as the rehabilitation from the surgery would run through the end of the season. As a result, the Phillies and lee have mutually decided to try once again to rehabilitate the injury non-operatively, with the hope that Cliff might be able to return to pitch during the 2015 season. Cliff will immediately be shut down from throwing. He will be sent home to rest and will be set up with a rehabilitation program to maintain his overall conditioning. He will be brought nack to Philadelphia periodically to be evaluated to determine a time at which he might be able to begin a throwing program again. GET THE FULL STORY
The Phillies have become an organization that is complacent, behind the times with respect to what their counterparts are doing, and an organization that seems to have no viable business plan. Regardless of how you look at it, all of this occurred during Ruben Amaro's watch. When Pat Gillick left the organization as its general manager, both the Phillies scouting program and player development system had regained respectability, and were producing talent that was usable at the major- league level.

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