So, after hearing so much the press, from fans, and from everyone else in the baseball world, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro tells us that he has an operational plan for the Phillies, something that Amaro calls the "Phillies Way". This new plan, or at least the announcement of the plan, was introduced at the beginning of the last week of October, two months after Pat Gillick took over in the absence of David Montgomery. Amaro has been general manager for the Phillies since the end of 2008. Six years later, we hear news that Ruben has a plan. This sounds like Pat Gillick's plan. These developments indicate that the Phillies are not on the right track. They also seem to indicate that Pat Gillick was saddled with Ruben Amaro regardless of his feelings. GET THE FULL STORY
The Phillies have become an organization that is complacent, behind the times with respect to what their counterparts are doing, and an organization that seems to have no viable business plan. Regardless of how you look at it, all of this occurred during Ruben Amaro's watch. When Pat Gillick left the organization as its general manager, both the Phillies scouting program and player development system had regained respectability, and were producing talent that was usable at the major- league level.

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