DAVID MONTGOMERY remains on medical leave after battling cancer early in the 2014 season, the Phillies announced yesterday morning, rebutting a report that the team president and CEO had been "pushed out" by ownership. Montgomery is expected to resume his role atop the organization when his health enables him to do so. This isn't news. The team had the same position when Montgomery, who had surgery for cancer in May, took a leave of absence Aug. 28. But the Phillies felt the need to reiterate Montgomery's status following a news report Thursday that the team president had been "pushed out." Fox 29's Howard Eskin ended his station's 5 p.m. newscast by reporting that the medical leave had been a convenient story for the ownership to deal with Montgomery. Eskin reported that Montgomery had instead been "pushed out" of his role as general partner, president and CEO. GET THE FULL STORY
Twenty years ago, we screamed that there was no business plan that defined the Phillies organization. Finally we saw this as Pat Gillick came to Philadelphia. Gillick brought with him a keen baseball intellect, and a sound business plan. Six years removed from the Gillick revival, the Phillies are once again, an organization with no real business plan. If today's brain-thrust had the ability to infuse life into this organization, they would have by now. Can Ruben Amaro devise, implement, and stick to that business plan like Sir Patrick did?

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